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Essential to your quest is a proper weapon in your left. Throughout Hyrule there are three swords of ascending quality waiting to be discovered. Listed ahead is where each sword can be found and the requirements needed to take it up. Also, please note that the grid coordinates on this page refers to this world map.

The Wooden Sword
The most basic sword of the game. You can find it in the starting location at H8. Just enter the cave and snatch it away from the Old Man. In the 2nd Quest, you can find the White Sword in the same location.
The White Sword
This more powerful blade can be found at the screen K1. However, you can't just waltz in and take it, as you must first "master" swordplay by having at least five hearts. In the 2nd Quest, you can find the White Sword in the same location.
The Magical Sword
This is definitely the most powerful sword in the game, and how fitting it should be hidden away in a Graveyard (?). Nevertheless, to find the Old Man hiding it, you must push aside the shown grave to reveal a staircase at B3. You need at least twelve hearts and the Power Bracelet to move the gravestone. In the 2nd Quest, this sword can be found at J1 and achieved with the same requirements by pushing the leftmost rock down to reveal a staircase.

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