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The Minish Cap - Bottle Locations

Trilby Highlands
Just left of the entrance to Hyrule Town is a ladder going down into the ground. Go down and blow open the wall between the two torches. In the next room use your shield to defeat the Business Scrub, who will then sell you a Bottle for 20 Rupees.

Hyrule Town
After the Cave of Flames when you have the Cave of Pacci go to the Inn in Hyrule Town. Use the Cane on the big blue jar to flip it over and turn it into a shrink jar. Shrink down and climb up the stairs in the back of the room to make your way across some drawers on your way to getting outside of the Inn. Cross a plank outside between the two buildings and get down to the shrink Jar and grow up. Talk to the Shopkeeper and he'll offer to give you the bottle for free, if you feed his dog. Follow the mark on your map to Lon Lon Ranch and check the dog's food bucket. Once the dog is fed, ehad back to the Shop and the Bottle is yours for the taking.

South Hyrule Field
Fuse Kinstones with the Master Smith. You'll need a Red > Kinstone to do so. When the fusion is complete, a chest will appear in the Eastern Hills with a Bottle inside.

Lon Lon Ranch
To get this bottle, first complete the Goron Quest. Then, when going into the Goron Cave, at the very end of it is a bridge with a chest at the end. In that chest is the last bottle.

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