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zelda xii: the minish cap

[A member of the Minish people] As he searches an unfamiliar land for fragmented relics called Kinstones, Link will have to take a closer look at the ground beneath his feet. When he discovers a magical hat called The Minish Cap, he gains the power to shrink down to the size of the Minish people, who are in grave danger. As he travels back and forth between their world and his, he'll solve puzzles, fight through dungeons and slowly uncover the evil behind their plight and vanquish it.

The Legend of the Picori Sword
A manual excerpt

Long, long ago, evil spirits descended on the land of Hyrule. Just when it seemed that the world was to be cast into the darkest of shadows, the tiny Picori appeared from the skies and bestowed on a courageous human a shining gold light and a single sword. This bravest of men used his wisdom and courage, his golden light, and his sword to fight off the demons and restore peace to the world.

The people were so grateful for the Picori's help that they held an annual celebration in their honor. The tradition of the Picori Festival continued, but over the generations, the Picori themselves passed into legend.

The legend of the Picori tells of a mystic doorway that opens just once every hundred years. When the door is open, the Picori can cross from their world into Hyrule. This year is that year in one hundred, and the festival is unusually grand. Hyrule Castle is hosting a tournament of sword fighting skill, recalling the great battles of legend.

This year's champion is a man by the name of Vaati. He has won the tournament with an almost magical ease, and all of Hyrule is abuzz with rumors about this shadowy figure. "Who is this Vaati?" they ask. "What has brought him to Hyrule."

Game Stats

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