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Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Link, Tetra, and the Crew's journey continues on the High Seas!

Many months have passed since the events of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Link, Tetra and Tetra’s band of pirates have set sail in search of new lands. They come across a patch of ocean covered in a dense fog, in which they discover an abandoned ship. Tetra falls into danger when she explores the ship alone, and Link falls into the ocean when he attempts to rescue her. When he washes up unconscious on the shores of a mysterious island, he is awakened by the sound of a fairy’s voice. With the aid of this fairy, he sets off to find Tetra – and his way back to the seas he once knew.

Table of Contents

A list of the bosses of Phantom Hourglass that we have seen so far.

A list of the characters of Phantom Hourglass that we have seen so far.

A list of the islands of Phantom Hourglass that we have seen so far.

A list of the items of Phantom Hourglass that we have seen so far.

A tentative look at the multiplayer feature of Phantom Hourglass.

Check out the GDC trailer that debuted this game to the public.

Image Gallery
An up-to-date listing of every Phantom Hourglass-related image out there.

Article: Analysis of April '06 Famitsu Scans
Taking a closer look at the scans of Famitsu magazine's April 2006 story on PH.

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