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Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Game Genie Codes

AE67-DF2AItem sounds repeated in the spinning slash and dashing
AEA8-D49AStepping in any direction makes you jump
AE67-0D30Infinite bombs
AE6E-DF2AInfinite life
Infinite magic
AEA8-D4FAWalk through walls vertically
45B8-D49ADash without holding the A Button
55B8-D49ANo dashing
256C-6D04The sword looks like a flower and the Hookshot looks like an anchor
376C-AF04All graphics are glitched
AE6A-DF2AAny injury will kill you
366C-DF04No sound
376C-ADD4Game has red tint
376C-ADA4Landscape is slightly glitched
376C-A4D4Insides of buildings change
376C-AD64Hear the flute

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