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zelda vii: oracle of seasons

At certain points throughout the game you'll recieve special passwords, or secrets as the game calls them, which are a means of opening or transferring game play and data to the next game. The following passwords you would recieve from Oracle of Ages after beating it, for transfer to this game.

Next Game Password
After beating Oracle of Ages, you'll recieve this password for transfer of data to Oracle of Seasons.

Ring Transfer Password
The Red Snake of Vasu's Shop in Rennu Town will give you this password so you can transfer the rings you collected in Oracle of Ages to Oracle of Seasons.

Master Sword Password
Talk to the woman next to the Ember Seed Tree in Rennu Village and she'll give you this password. In OoS, dig around the Clockmaker's house for a staircase. The woman down there will give you the Master Sword, the Level 3 sword!

Bombchu Password
Talk to the Subrosian in a cave in the GoroGoro Mountains for this password. Take it to a Subrosian in the Volcanos for Bombchus.

Third Bomb Upgrade Password
Talk to the girl south of the Tower of Darkness and take her password to the Pirate on top of the Capn's house in Subrosia in OoS and he'll give you a Bomb Upgrade for 777 Ore Chunks.

Ultimate Seed Stachel Password
Take the password from the Deku Shrub in the Deku Forest of the Past to the man near Boss Blin's Fort for a Satchel that can hold 99 seeds of each.

Level 3 Ring Box Password
Give the password from the Old Woman in the Mayor of Rennu Village's house to the Mayor of Horon Village for the large Ring Box that can hold five rings.

Biggoron Sword Password
Take the password from the Goron in the GoroGoro Mountains to Biggoron and he'll give you the Biggoron's Sword, which is the Level 4 sword and requires both buttons to hold.

Mirror Shield Password
Take the password from the Subrosian at the Mystery Seed Tree in the GoroGoro Mountains to the Subrosian Blacksmith for the Mirror Shield, the level 3 Shield.

Dive Master Password Take the password from the Dive Master in Zora Village to the Dive Master in Sunken City for a special ring.

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