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zelda viii: oracle of ages
heart system

Tracking down the heart pieces in Oracle of Ages is a far more daunting task than in previous Zelda games. Despite the normal starting three Heart Containers, eight boss Heart Containers, and the twelve Heart Pieces that can be found, there are an additional two hidden Heart Containers that can only be found through use of two secrets. This all depends on whether you are playing a linked or non-linked game. Of course there are only fourteen hearts in the upper corner, but after getting the 15th, two new heart spots appear that can be filled.

That is, when playing a non-linked game, you start with three hearts. Eight can be attained from defeating the dungeon bosses, and twelve from normal heart peice collection (listed below) that form three Heart Containers. The last two Heart Containers can be received using both the Fairy Secret from a linked Oracle of Seasons game, and the Hero's Secret which Link gets at the end of a linked Oracle of Ages game.

When playing a linked game, you start with four hearts and then can go on to get eight from defeating the dungeon bosses and three from the twelve heart pieces scattered across Labrynna. The last one can be collected using the Graveyard Secret from a non-linked Oracle of Seasons game.

heart piece locations

  1. The Black Tower (Past) - Right outside the entrance to the Tower there's a Heart Piece visibly blocked off by piles of dirt. Use the shovel acquired inside the Tower to get to it.
  2. Maku Road (Past) - Inside the Maku Road cave there'll be a Heart Piece surrounded by blocks. Push them away to get to it.
  3. Yoll Graveyard - Two screens left from the first dungeon there is a Heart Piece blocked off from Link by rocks. Use the Power Bracelets to lift them away and get the Heart.
  4. Deku Forest - From the second dungeon, head south two screens and west where there is a lone spaling in the lower corner. Use an ember seed to burn it away, revealing a staircase. Inside the cave below there is a Heart Piece.
  5. Talus Peaks - Head out the west exit of Lynna Village (in the Past) and up two screens to the mountainous area. Along the wall with the vnes there is a cave. Inside use the Roc's Feather and the Power Bracelet to reach the the Heart Piece inside.
  6. Talus Peaks - From the Center Hosue in the Past of Symmetry Village, head west, south, west, north, west. Hug the bottom of the screen and use the Tune of Currents to return to the Present. Then, head east one screen and grab your new Heart Piece.
  7. Lynna City - In the Past, stand where the fenced off area would be in the Present and use the Tune of Currents. Head inside the shop and downstairs to the special shop where you can buy a Heart Piece for 500 Rupees.
  8. Rolling Ridge - Head south once and west twice from Crown Dungeon and enter the cave. Bomb the wall behind the Goron to find a Heart Piece.
  9. Rolling Ridge - From the sixth dungeon, in the Past, head west and north and enter the cave there. Go out the exit on the other side of the cave and head east one screen. Chop down all the bushes in the upper corner and stand among where they used to be. Play the Song of Currents and you'll appear near a Heart Piece.
  10. Crescent Island - Go to where you first meet Dimitri, and head in the water north once and east twice where there'll be an udnerwater cave. Follow the cave to its end to find a Heart Piece.
  11. Maple - During one of the many Maple encounters over the course of the game, she will eventually drop a Heart Piece during the chaos. Collect it as fast as you can, you might not get a second chance!
  12. Gasha Seed - Eventually after planting a Gasha Seed Tree, the Gasha Nut that grows will contain a Heart Piece. The chance of getting this improves the more remote the spot the Tree is planted in is.

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