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zelda viii: oracle of ages


Upon happening down a mysterious path, Link heard a strange voice as he touched the Triforce. "We must stand up and face this challenge!" A dazzling light engulfed Link and when he came to, he was standing in the middle of a strange forest. Then, he heard a voice singing from deep within the forest. Following this voice, he came across a beautiful young girl who was surrounded by animals. This is the heroine of this story, the Oracle of Ages, Naryu. As Link was listening to this beautiful song, suddenly a giant shadow appeared before them. It was none other than the Sorceress of Shadows, Veran, seeking to use Naryu's power for her own evil designs. With her magic, Naryu disappeared right before Link's eyes. What is the fate of young Naryu!? As Link it is your job to travel throughout the land of Labrynna, and through time, to save Naryu!


The focus of this chapter rests in the use of the Magical Harp Link aquires. With the Magical Harp Link can play one of two songs, the Song of Time and the Song of Echo. The Song of Time is just as it sounds, use it to jump back and forth between the present and past. Also, the Song of Echo affects the terrain around you.

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