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zelda viii: oracle of ages
bippin & blossom's son

In the screen just west of the entrance to the Maku Tree in the Present is a double door-adorned house. Inside is the new family of Bippin, Blossom, and their son. Link can have great influence in the raising of this young lad through various decisions made over the course of both the original nonlinked game, and the subsequent linked game.

Naming the Son
When you first talk to Blossom she'll be cradling the newborn boy. She'll ask you to do the honor of naming her first child. I personally named him Redo, and I'll be referring to the son as that here on out.

Redo is Sick
After the second Dungeon, check in with Blossom and it appears that Redo has become sick. She'll ask for some charity (in Rupee form, of course) so she can take Redo to the doctor. Link can give 1, 10, 50, or 150 Rupees. If you don't give Blossom any money, Redo will never grow up.

Redo Won't Sleep
After the fourth Dungeon, when you visit Blossom it will appear that Redo can't sleep and Blossom doesn't know how to get him to do so. She'll ask for some advice, to which you can tell her to either sing Redo to sleep, or play with him until he falls asleep.

After this particular episode, next time you go see Redo he'll be a kid and won't grow anymore for this game. When you start the linked game that follows, you'll find that the whole clan has uprooted and moved to Holodrum into a new house. Visit them after beating the first dungeon for a new chance to affect Redo's upbringing.

Redo is...

Redo Is Grown Into A...
After beating the third Dungeon, when you visit Redo you'll find he has grown into following one of four different paths.

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