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zelda iv: link's awakening

First made back in 1993 as Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, then redone in 1998 in color as the popular Zelda DX, this game has become the best game available for the Game Boy/ Game Boy Color. It is your job to guide the courageous Link through the mysteries of the Island of Koholint and defeat the Nightmares that plague the Island. Then you must wake the Wind Fish so that you can leave the perplexing island and return to your homeland of Hyrule. Of course there is a interesting twist, but that is for you to find out...

[Link naps under a tree]Ganon has once again been locked away in the Sacred Realm and Link has decided that amidst the well-earned peace he has deserved a vacation. Thus, Link heads beyond the Great Hyrulian Sea and seeks out all forms of adventure. But, a storm quells and Link's ship is dashed to pieces. He washes ashore unconscious only to be rescued by the island beauty, Marin. Marin brings Link home and waits for him to awake. Link wakes from his dream or Princess Zelda, retrieves his shield and heads to the shore, where his adventure begins.

Hyrule Adventures 2! Stop playing Zelda. Start living it!

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