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[Guest Commentary] E3?
18 Jul 2007 by kamakaziplumber
So, uh. Phantom Hourglass? They demoed it at E3 of course, I didn't watch it but I'm sure you still can at any E3 news page. Or YouTube. But if you want to download it, I know e3.gamespot.com has all that kind of stuff available. Anyways, Phantom Hourglass is looking to be a great Zelda game. At the Nintendo round table discussion, they talked about puzzles and such, and how the game in Japan (it's already been released there, I'm sure some of you have had it shipped overseas) is already attracting new audiences as well as Zelda fans. Everything we've heard previously is still there, with all the touchscreen controls and puzzles. The multiplayer has been detailed too: apparently it will be an online game of hide-and-seek, can't wait to play that with some of you out there. You know who you are. Get ready for some kind of future whoopin'! tongue

The next Zelda Wii was sort of discussed. A sequel to Phantom Hourglass or TP was said to be possible, but not in the works necessarily? Also, one-on-one swordplay is still a possibility for Zelda Wii. Online mode, anyone? Probably only in our dreams. wassat Not much else in that realm. Some future-type settings for Link and the gang were vaguely discussed, but it was only a question and nothing even close to being official. Just hypothetical, really.

That's all for Zelda, but what else? Well, Super Mario Galaxy is coming soon! Supposedly November of this year, how great is that? They detailed the gameplay mechanics a bit and all, but it's coming out soon anyways so who cares? I'll find out when I play it, but you all can find out more at all those E3 sites I was talking about.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is coming December, too, which I'm sure most of you have heard too. In fact, almost everyone I know is excited about that little game. Online play? Maybe. Wasn't discussed, so with it coming out so soon things aren't looking too good. But we might as well keep our fingers crossed, eh?

Mario Kart is coming to Wii next year, early on too. A new steering wheel accessory will be packed with it, so I'm sure we'll all be racing each other with that. It is online, after all. Oh, and it's going back to classic Mario Kart rules, with only one player per kart. Sorry, Double Dash fans!

Wii Fit is also coming to Wii. There's a lot of skepticism going around about this game, but it seems like it might be popular anyways. It'll feature a Wii balance pad of sorts, where you perform exercises or yoga or even weigh yourself in-game. Some fans are already visualizing future possibilities for this pad, such as using it as pedals for Mario Kart. Possible? Maybe, I don't know.

Also, a new Wii zapper gun shell is coming out, which will allow you to snap the nunchuku and the wiimote together in a vaguely gun-shaped fashion. Seems a little uncomfortable, but who knows? Might make Metroid Prime 3 more fun anyways.

Is that all? Well, most of the big news anyways. For more info you might want to check out any E3 site, especially if you want to find out about another company or system. Until next E3 (maybe?), I'm KamakaziPlumber.

Oh, and a special thanks to Jack for making the Zelda community that much better. We'll miss you, for sure. Now go out and make the world a better place, huh? tongue

by Gamefreak @ 18 Jul 2007 11:28 am
I wish there was a bit more info on Phantom Hourglass.
by darkphantomime @ 18 Jul 2007 05:03 pm
We all do, we all do...

I'm not so sure about Super Mario Galaxy. I mean, is there actually anything you can reallly do that's 'platforming' in space? I don't really think so... Bomberman Hero aside (But that took place on several planets, so...)
by Gamefreak @ 18 Jul 2007 05:12 pm
I've grown tired of Mario. The whole platforming part of him has been overdone. Him and Sonic need to retire and let some younger kids get in on the action.
by Jack @ 18 Jul 2007 08:19 pm
I'm not promising anything about making the world a better place, KP. I'll consider my efforts a wash as long as I don't make it any worse. wink

Anyways, I am really looking forward to Phantom Hourglass, and Metroid Prime 3. Along with some crazy awesome games coming out for 360 in November, I am going to be just about broke this fall.

By the way, KP, you should post here more often... or take over... you know, whatevs. angry
by MagmarFire @ 19 Jul 2007 09:36 am
Great to see you're still checking in, Jack! tongue

Regarding PH, great! Wish I had a DS, though... Maybe I'll steal Hi no Seijin's for the occasion... angry

For SMG, also great. "Super Mario Sunshine" was a good game, in my opinion, so I'll see what I can do with SMG if I get a Wii.

KP, you mentioned one-on-one swordplay for Zelda? That would be one of the coolest additions to Zelda EVER! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that.
by jackal @ 19 Jul 2007 10:08 am
dood, r u 4 reel?

One on one swordplay--I can\\\'t believe it. I actually said that was the one thing missing in the Zelda games in the forums once...

SMG is going to be great, I don\\\'t think they should end Mario. SM64 was great, this should be as well.

I really need to get a DS...
by ZeldaVeteran @ 19 Jul 2007 06:54 pm
nice one KP! I didn't get to see it, but your review pretty much covered anything I wanted to know. I heard about the gun thing from my cousin too, that could pack some potential. AND ONLINE ZELDA SWORD FIGHTS WOULD ROCK THE WII LIKE NEVER BEFORE!! We shall see who is greater, haHA! Thanks KP
by darkphantomime @ 20 Jul 2007 06:21 pm
Doing online sword fights would be tricky... and in need of much innovativity on the part of the developers. I trust Nintendo with that, but it's not like what we would initially expect it to be.
by KamakaziPlumber @ 23 Jul 2007 12:59 pm
Online sword fights are just my speculation, guys. Heh, I doubt they'll really happen.

Jack, I'll settle for that wash. tongue And yeah, I just got a 360 recently, too. I'm looking forward to some cool games this year. I'm already broke, I expect I'll be staying that way. angry

And yeah, I'll be posting here plenty with my site down and not looking to be up any time soon, don't you worry. As for taking over, well... you never know. smile
by Swiftblade @ 06 Aug 2007 01:53 am
You got a 360?! Kami... got a 360.. *cries*
by BaconWarrior @ 08 Aug 2007 06:10 pm
Why does everyone but me have a 360? wink crying

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