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[News] Jumping for Joy!
16 Jan 2008 by Alpha
Two pieces of monumental news have struck the internet today! And the first is the return of our beloved Sheikah warrior!

So we've finally got Sheik, in all her glory (they call Sheik a 'her' on the Brawl website, so if you're a proponent for the "Sheik is a Man" stuff, talk to Sakurai about it, not me). It's about time, and I guess only fair since they announced that Brawl is being pushed back another month yesterday - yes, for those who didn't notice, the due date is now March 9th in the US.

But this right here has pacified me. Just looking at these pictures makes me content enough to be able to wait forever . . . except, like, not really. This game better stop getting delayed or I WILL start launching my nukes!

. . .

. . . uh . . . you weren't supposed to read that I have nukes . . . ummm . . . Look! Distractions!!!

Diddy's mad because he's not as cool as Sheik. And that's saying something.

Looks like the Side-A attack is still the same. Goooooood!

However! I said there's two pieces of news, and this one is just as, if not even more impressive than Sheik's return and new look (. . . wowsa, I can't believe I just said that . . . even harder to believe is that I actually mean it)! In checking IGN to see if they've posted any new Smash It Up! articles (which they haven't wassat), I stumbled across a different editorial that has me even more excited.

Famitsu, Japan's most prominent gaming magazine dating back to 1986, is well known for it's difficult rating system. As of today (or whenever this week's issue came out), Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been reviewed, and becomes only the seventh game in the magazine's 21-year history to obtain a perfect 40/40 score.

For those who are not aware, the other six titles to get perfect scores included Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, with Twilight Princess getting a 38 and Phantom Hourglass and A Link to the Past receiving 39. So yes, they're essentially saying that this game is better than the majority of Zelda games.

I'm not sure whether to be ecstatic or offended by that fact.

According to IGN, "Each of the magazine's four reviewers gave the game a 10 out of 10 and offered up some glowing comments. All reviewers made particular note that the game's single player mode is long and that you can get plenty of fun by just playing the adventure mode. One reviewer even had high praise for the way the game presents its story."

I don't think anything else I can say will express how excited I am about this game!!! So I'll just end with my favorite Sheik pic of them all.

Sheik's presence is all that is needed to make stuff explode. HECK YEAH.


IGN (and the article in question)
Smash Bros. DOJO!!

by mikaudes @ 16 Jan 2008 12:39 pm
What I think is also interesting is that DOJO! says it's the original dessign of Sheik for TP
by BaconWarrior @ 16 Jan 2008 01:15 pm
Yeah, this awesome although I was expecting characters from TP not OoT.

But YAY! tongue
by jackal @ 16 Jan 2008 03:14 pm
Like Mikaudes said, Bacon, this is the 'TP version' of Sheik.
by BaconWarrior @ 16 Jan 2008 06:22 pm
There was no Sheik in TP. But I see what your getting at. angry
by Rinku @ 18 Jan 2008 02:20 pm

Looks a lot more feminine now, of course, but he- I mean she, curse it all- looks fantastic.
by MagmarFire @ 21 Jan 2008 02:19 pm
Alpha, you have nukes? O_o I'll give you candy if you give me one. tongue

Anyvay, I share your excitement about this game. Seriously. I could just about explode from it. It's going to be totally awesome! Bring on the Subspace Emissary!!! >:D
by DarkZelda @ 21 Jan 2008 06:29 pm

Shiek wins.
by kasei @ 31 Jan 2008 05:23 am
SHIEK WINS!!!! tongue

I heard a rumor that he/she was supposed to appear in TP, but was out before programming the game began. Poo.
by jackal @ 02 Feb 2008 11:46 pm
How would they fit Sheik in? Zelda was kidnapped the entire game until the end...

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