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[News] Majora's Mask will have to wait
12 Jul 2008 by Dragmire
Unfortunately, Nintendo really likes to make Zelda fans wait for great games. There are no plans, as of yet, to release Majora's Mask on virtual console. No reason to fret, it's highly unlikely that the game won't be released, seeing as how Ocarina was one of the first games for the VC.

In other Zelda news, Nintendo has said in a Club Nintendo article (Mexican equivalent of Nintendo Power) that they are planning Metroid, Zelda, and Mario
adaptations for the silver screen, in that order. While I'm not excited about Zelda being second, these movies should be great.

Well that's all for now, folks, I'll keep you filled in!

(PS: Hey guys, many of you know me already, but I just wanted to let you know me and a couple other fella's are going to be doing news and stuff here on the front page, so you'll be seeing me here quite often)

by jackal @ 12 Jul 2008 11:15 pm
Wasn't there already a Mario movie?
by Dragmire @ 12 Jul 2008 11:26 pm
They're trying desperately to forget it, I assume
by MagmarFire @ 12 Jul 2008 11:37 pm
A Zelda movie!? O_o

Not sure what to say, really... I guess I'm excited and afraid at the same time.
by jackal @ 12 Jul 2008 11:41 pm
I suppose it depends what they go for. If they Speed Racer it, I'm going to lose faith in any Nintendo staple becoming a film legend as well.
by Mikaudes @ 17 Jul 2008 07:18 pm
Wait, do not forget (and I'm ashamed of saying this, being mexican and all) that Club Nintendo has released rumors in the past that weren't proved at the time.

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