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[News] Holy Bandwagon, Batman, Let's Post Our News Too!
14 Jul 2008 by jackal

Alright, HA2 has been tremendously busy lately, what with summer being here and all. As some of you may not know, we have been able to actually work on the content of the RP, now that we have FTP access, and some new mods and RGs who have been hard at work getting things ready.

So over the last few months, we've had several firsts--The first new weapons since HA2 started years ago, the first new screen added since the start, the Rules Set is finally going to be updated and made easier to understand for the first time since a little after launch, not to mention the first RG-led Events in at least a very long time.

South Hyrule is even close to opening--all that needs to happen is for Gohma to finally be defeated at a topic near Ruto Town. Therein lies the problem--we need as many fighters as we can get to bring the spider down. So if any old members who have been debating whether to return are reading this, please return. We could use you. And to anyone wondering whether they've been wanting to join, now's a great time, as the Gohma topic is the most important topic ever made in HA2.

RG has started an interesting Quest for HA2's third birthday--everyone is out looking for some kind of seed. Who knows what the rewards will be, or if they'll even find this seed, but it's bound to be interesting, as RG hasn't done something like this in quite a while.

So yes, if you've been wanting to join HA2, but have been put off by the stats, don't worry; the stats are really a secondary thing, and pretty much any member there will be more than willing to help you. We're a nice bunch of guys (and a few girls), and we have a lot of fun. I know several of our members found mentors when they had started to help them along, myself included. I'm sure you'd be able to find plenty of candidates to show you the ropes nowadays, too. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?


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