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[Nogare's Curiosities and Questions] TDC Fan Fiction Review
30 Jul 2008 by Nogare
A Blast to the Past by Princess of Kito Village

This fan fiction is definitely one which many of us relate to. A story finally revealing why many of us became Zelda fanatics. All that we imagine for Zelda becomes quite literal in this short piece of work. Very well done, Princess of Kito Village!

Anything for a Friend by Understatement

Understatement brings forth a common question in her fan fiction which in itself is hard to ignore; what would YOU do for your friend? Would you limit yourself, or do anything for them? With all the themes of Zelda, this one is not quite touched on as much as others. I really enjoyed this short story. This was my second time reading it, and I liked it as much as the first one. Great job, Understatement.

The Beginning of Link by Sword of Time

I like the kinds of stories that illustrate what ELSE happened in a story. Like what's happening with Glorfindel in the Lord of the Rings while the Fellowship is in Moria? Or what happened with Gandalf as he was absent from the band of Dwarves and Bilbo in The Hobbit. You know sort of what's happening, but a story like this gets specific. The perspective of Link's father in the Imprisoning War; Link's life in the Kokiri Forest before Navi becomes his guardian fairy; and during Ganondorf's rule. I think Sword of Time had a fun time writing this. Thanks, Sword.

Bellum Hyrulianae by Jack O'Reily

 Makes me miss Jack even more! IF not for him you can be sure that I would never have stayed here (if he hadn't made HA2, where I met all whom I know here). Jack, not surprisingly, is a great writer! The story of a Hyrulean Campaign of war . I really liked it. The only problem is that it ended without really a conclusion, thus remaining incomplete. He's finished with it, i would imagine, but I liked the story enough to want to know how it ends. OH WELL... enjoy what's there. I sure did .

Best for Last by Arrow

... I was 2 chapters in when I decided I wanted to read the entire story all at once. An hour came and went, and since I read it it wouldn't stop... well, haunting isn't the word... it stuck with me. I'm going to be thinking about that fan fiction for a long time. One of the most romantic pieces of work I've read in a while. I was surprised, I was in the early stages of crying before I controlled it - you know, when your nose goes all stuffy? And your throat tightens? It really took me by the heart, sort of the same way as the film The Bucket List. The part that made me say, "It's official, I love this book," was when Saria waited at the restaurant and Link was busy with Zelda . The whole story keeps your emotions going - when it's a happy part you smile, when it's sad you want to cry, if it's frustrating you want to punch a wake up call at Link to get him to open his eyes, if it's exciting your nose and the paper are nearly touching. Thank you for that, Arrow.

More to come.


by ZeldaVeteran @ 04 Aug 2008 09:21 am
Nice review dude.
Keep up the good work.
I never knew Jack wrote a fanfic.

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