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[HA2 Update] HA2 Interview (hahathatkindarhymes) with Worru
06 Aug 2008 by jackal
clondon92 (10:52:26 AM): You're my interviewee today.
clondon92 (10:52:34 AM): I've decided.
Worruson (10:52:40 AM): I'm your what?
clondon92 (10:52:42 AM): ...
clondon92 (10:52:44 AM): Interviewee.
clondon92 (10:52:46 AM): Guy I interview.
clondon92 (10:52:58 AM): KP wants me to write HA2 stuff for the site, so I'm interviewing some of the RPers.
clondon92 (10:53:11 AM): You're the first because you're online and I want to get it out of the way.
clondon92 (10:53:14 AM): So then.
Worruson (10:53:31 AM): Why, thanks...
clondon92 (10:53:33 AM): Just be aware that everything you say will be read by all of TDC.
clondon92 (10:53:39 AM): So then.
Worruson (10:53:45 AM): Hi mom.
clondon92 (10:53:52 AM): State your name and proffession.
Worruson (10:54:10 AM): Worru. Ranger.
clondon92 (10:54:15 AM): Attaboy.
clondon92 (10:54:40 AM): Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you DOOM?
Worruson (10:54:54 AM): Yeah.
clondon92 (10:54:57 AM): Good lad.
clondon92 (10:55:00 AM): So then
clondon92 (10:55:04 AM): What brought you to HA2?
clondon92 (10:55:14 AM): I mean, you were never very active on the main forums.
Worruson (10:56:08 AM): I was bored one day, and found this site through a site I found on VGCats. I searched around, and the link just seemed interesting.
clondon92 (10:56:24 AM): You actually got linked here because of VGCats?
Worruson (10:56:31 AM): Yeah.
clondon92 (10:56:39 AM): Just one more reason to love Scott Ramsoomaire.
clondon92 (10:57:19 AM): So what did you have in mind when you joined HA2?
clondon92 (10:57:28 AM): Like, what were your plans?
Worruson (10:58:42 AM): Merely that I wanted to try my hand at RP with people I've never met.
clondon92 (10:58:55 AM): Had you RPed elsewhere before?
Worruson (10:59:16 AM): With a friend of mine, but it was the equivalent of bad fanfiction.
clondon92 (10:59:41 AM): This friend wouldn't happen to be Tara Gillespie, by any chance?
Worruson (11:00:02 AM): ...Not that I know of.
clondon92 (11:00:10 AM): Good.
clondon92 (11:00:14 AM): Might have had to kill you.
clondon92 (11:00:16 AM): So then.
clondon92 (11:00:37 AM): What was your initial impression of HA2? The community, the layout and such.
Worruson (11:01:24 AM): The most amazing forum layout I've ever seen in my life. Never thought of such a design.
clondon92 (11:01:42 AM): And the community?
clondon92 (11:01:48 AM): Did you find any mentors early on?
Worruson (11:02:24 AM): Didn't think much of the other players, and no, not a single one.
clondon92 (11:02:55 AM): Hmm.
clondon92 (11:03:00 AM): Were you put off by the stats at all?
clondon92 (11:03:06 AM): I know that intimidates several people.
Worruson (11:03:34 AM): Nope. I wanted to play D&D before, so I wanted to see if I could handle this.
clondon92 (11:03:47 AM): Do you think the stats are as hard as they seem at first?
Worruson (11:03:58 AM): Nope.
clondon92 (11:04:11 AM): What are some of your favorite moments?
Worruson (11:05:52 AM): Well, there was that one night in Ruto...*heh*
Actually, in the tourney, in the fight against Dogura. That has been my complete favorite time in the game.
clondon92 (11:06:05 AM): Really, how so?
clondon92 (11:06:07 AM): I mean, you lost.
Worruson (11:06:51 AM): Yeah, but that was a fight against one of the HA2 Elite. The best RPers in the entire game.
clondon92 (11:07:07 AM): Was that a turning point for you?
Worruson (11:07:30 AM): It could be taken that way, yeah.
clondon92 (11:07:43 AM): Had you never RPed with 'the elite' before?
Worruson (11:09:06 AM): Not that I can remember. I did RP with ZV during that long-lost 'Visionz in Ultrasound' thing.
clondon92 (11:10:33 AM): I see.
clondon92 (11:10:45 AM): Is there anything you're looking forward to?
Worruson (11:11:53 AM): Oh, the South is sorta interesting, but not as much as every other player. I'm moreso interested in this Seed Search quest with Herbie.
clondon92 (11:12:31 AM): What about these seeds has piqued your interest more than the promises of new weapons and the rest of the map? It does seem odd.
Worruson (11:13:26 AM): Well, I like pears more than I like new weapons and the rest of the map. Not like we can fight Ganon or Volvagia or anything.
clondon92 (11:13:56 AM): You just go on thinking that >.>
clondon92 (11:14:10 AM): Is there anything you'd like to see done on HA2?
Worruson (11:15:36 AM): Something that Worru could be of actual use in.
clondon92 (11:16:10 AM): So something pertaining to tracking and such?
clondon92 (11:16:18 AM): What convinced you to make him a ranger in the first place?
Worruson (11:17:05 AM): I played WoW before coming here, and Ranger seemed so close to the Hunter class. Somehow, I made him a 13-year-old kid.
clondon92 (11:17:14 AM): Heh.
clondon92 (11:17:25 AM): You've definitely done some interesting things while you've been there.
clondon92 (11:17:39 AM): Looking back, are they any other classes you wish you would have used instead?
Worruson (11:18:54 AM): No, not really. Grunts rely on strength, and Scholars need their wisdom. Vagabonds don't have much of either, so they are the ones who must be courageous. Understand?
clondon92 (11:19:01 AM): Wow.
clondon92 (11:19:11 AM): And now we see the philosophical side of Worru.
clondon92 (11:19:21 AM): Of course, some would argue that Vagabonds have speed.
clondon92 (11:19:46 AM): What do you think about the demographics we have on HA2 with the races and the classes?
clondon92 (11:20:07 AM): I mean, we've got one goron, and the rest are either Human, Hylian, or Sheikah.
clondon92 (11:20:23 AM): And we've got two Bards and two Scribes.
clondon92 (11:20:28 AM): No Clerics
clondon92 (11:20:44 AM): With the majority of our users being Nomads, Vassals, Mages, or Rangers.
clondon92 (11:21:03 AM): Do you think more variety would be useful, or are these selections really just superior?
Worruson (11:23:20 AM): Not really superior. Humanoid characters are the easiest for most to make personalities and decisions for, and those classes are really easy to play as well. So, I think variety would be nice.
clondon92 (11:24:16 AM): Do you think Clerics, Scribes, and Bards are unappealing to people because they seem like the 'pansy classes'?
Worruson (11:25:47 AM): Yeah, especially since bards are seen in parodies as nothing more than people who play music. Clerics are known to be great healers, in my experiance, so I can't understand the reason there, and scribes have shown themselves to be very usefull in strategies.
Worruson (11:25:55 AM): So, yeah.
clondon92 (11:26:06 AM): Do you think these classes are actually good choices?
Worruson (11:26:20 AM): Yes, I do.
clondon92 (11:26:47 AM): So if some new members joined, what would be your advice to them on the stats, character creation, and just generally what to do?
Worruson (11:29:10 AM): Well, in general, they shouldn't be like me. You need to think over the character you want, especially the personality, then see if a certain race and class mix fits that. As for the stats, you need to read the rules set clearly and carefully, then ask for help whenever you can.
clondon92 (11:30:01 AM): Alright, one last question/subject.
clondon92 (11:30:04 AM): Guilds.
clondon92 (11:30:08 AM): What are your thoughts on them?
Worruson (11:33:39 AM): Well, in all honesty, the largest and most known player-made guild is that of Alpha's Twilight Guardians. The largest guilds are really the Cartels, since everyone has done that quest by now, but they have no real reason to be a member. You should know that there are other player-made guilds but they don't have the real hook that the TG have, and I'm hoping to make a guild that has the same hook.
Worruson (11:34:05 AM): I just can't since you gave me too much to try and explain so I can make the guild.
clondon92 (11:34:25 AM): Well, the main thing about a guild is that it has to have a purpose of some kind.
clondon92 (11:35:15 AM): Like the PFH is dedicated to helping the People of Hyrule, and the Twilight Guardians try to take care of the injustice caused by both the evil and good sides.
clondon92 (11:36:19 AM): The Twilight Guardians are all but dead now though, with their players going inactive. It's just Alpha and Tayro now. It'd be nice to see some new guilds.
clondon92 (11:36:36 AM): Well, I guess I'd better cut this off now before it gets too long for a newspost.
clondon92 (11:36:41 AM): Thanks for talking.
Worruson (11:36:52 AM): You're welcome.

by Kasei @ 10 Aug 2008 05:42 pm
wassat I see joo, worru.

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