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[News] Zelda News from E3
18 Jun 2010 by hinoseijin

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sports a graphical style that is a cross between The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, providing a rather interesting look to the new title.

The Wii-mote once again becomes Link's sword, and with the Wii Motion Plus you have greater control over it than ever before. If you hold the Wii-mote up, Link will hold his sword up; if you perform a diagonal slash, Link will perform a diagonal slash; etc. The Wii Motion Plus also gives players a new way to use bombs: you can roll them like a bowling ball; throwing them is still an option, of course, but to throw a bomb you must mimic it with the Wii-mote. The bow is back, of course, as well as the slingshot. Even the whip comes back, albeit redesigned and unable to harm enemies; but there will undoubtedly be a number of ways to use it to make up for that fact. A brand new item is some sort of beetle that Link can shoot and the player can control; so far, it has been seen to pick up bombs and drop them on Link's enemies. One can only imagine what else it can do.

Familiar enemies, such as the Stalfos and the Deku Baba, return to challenge Link, as well as some new ones. As we can see in the above picture, our stalwart hero unleashes the Master Sword upon his foes. As many fans speculated when the first images of Zelda Wii were released, Skyward Sword does indeed revolve around the origins of the Master Sword, and will indeed take place before Ocarina of Time in the timeline.

Music fans can rejoice, as the music in Skyward Sword will be orchestrated. GameStop is already accepting pre-orders; it would be a good idea to go in and place yours as soon as possible. And to wrap up Skyward Sword news, hereis a link to a trailer for Skyward Sword, courtesy of TDC Forum's Gamefreak and Zelda Veteran.

But that isn't the end of the Zelda news. During a roundtable discussion, Nintendo has confirmed that Ocarina of Time will be remade for the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, nothing else was reported on the remake, but Skyward Sword is large enough news as it is.

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by MagmarFire @ 19 Jun 2010 01:39 pm
This is a big year for Zelda fans. Heck, it's big for Nintendo fans in general.

This has been one of Nintendo's best E3 years, bar none.

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