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[Guest Commentary] Smashing Good Props to Zelda!
24 Jul 2007 by Alpha
As one of Nintendo's most popular series of games - it should be the most popular, IMO, but Mario is a fairly fierce contender - it's no surprise that our favorite Legend of Zelda series always gets its props in the Super Smash Bros. games. We had Link in the original, with Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, and Young Link all joining in the fun for Melee, but what's Brawl got in store for us so far?

Answer: quite a bit of very, very beautiful stuff.

We've all known that Link was going to be in the game since the very beginning. I mean, come on, even if they hadn't shown him in the very first trailer we'd have known. He's Link. He's a freakin' beast! (. . . not to mention one of my best characters in both Smash games, so I'd have been incredibly ticked off if they'd taken him away from me)

What's even better than Link's return? Link's return with the appearance from good old Twilight Princess.

To make things even better, Link's got some sweet new moves, including his Final Smash (something that you can all learn about at the official Smash Bros. Brawl site - though I'll be giving you the link later in order to force you into reading all this that I've written first :evil smilies wanted:): the Triforce Slash.

Apparently the Triforce on Link's hand will shoot out a shining imitation of itself that ensnares enemies, allowing Link to hack away at will upon his foes while they are left helpless, unable to defend against even the most poorly thrown strike of the Master Sword. Which is pretty much an accurate description of what he's already doing to them, but this time with some pretty animation thrown in to spice it up.

But don't think that Link's getting all the attention here! No word on Ganondorf, and since they've pretty much said that there'll be no clones making appearances (that is, characters with incredibly similar attacks to another character's) we can probably count out Young Link, but sporting her fabulous Twilight Princess apparel, it's the stunningly gorgeous Princess Zelda, taking time out from ruling the fair kingdom of Hyrule to come on over and . . . well . . . beat people up.[/announcer's_voice]

A bit upsetting, to myself at least, is that there's no word on whether or not she'll retain the ability to transform into Sheik - being that this is the TP Zelda, there's a high chance that she won't. Which really upsets me, as while Link may be one of my best characters in Brawl, there is no doubt that Sheik is the one whom I've always shone brightest with. But still, looks like Zelda will still be packing a punch backed by magical force.

No word yet on her Final Smash, but it will undoubtedly be plenty powerful! smile

In keeping with the Twilght-centered theme, one of Brawl's stages has been announced to be the Bridge of Eldin of TP fame!

The bridge will be long and flat terrain, with the ever present possibility of some . . . unwanted company. Isn't that right, Mr. Ogre? (and before anyone tries to bash me in the comments, yes, I know he's officially named King Bulblin. I like Mr. Ogre better. wassat)

The catch of the stage is that, while it may be long and flat, Mr. Ogre will be riding in constantly, either attacking characters with his big pig or chucking bombs around that'll destroy part of the bridge, thus allowing all you DK lovers to pick up people and jump into the bottomless pit below like you always love to do. And if you don't love to do that, I'd suggest you try it; it's really quite humorous to kill people that way, even if you commit suicide as a result. And it seriously annoys the people you're playing with, thus increasing the hilarity of the situation even further! angry

But you have to hurry up and suicide-kill your opponents quickly, otherwise a Twilight Portal will appear in the sky and drop in a replacement chunk of granite. Though I'm actually rather looking forward to see what happens to characters caught underneath the falling slab when appears . . .

Of final note is a little music selection adapted from Ocarina of Time - yes, OoT finally got some props in there as well. I gotta say, this fight tune is positively beautiful, and I can hardly wait for the game for the sole purpose of listening to that music over and over again while I beat my friends into oblivion . . . anywho, the melody can be found right here. Give it a listen. See if you get as addicted to it as I have.

And that's all we've got right now Zelda-wise in the game. But with Smash Bros. Dojo being updated every weekday morning, we're bound to return to some new Zelda stuff sooner or later, at which time I'll be right back here reporting in on it.

And yes, I do intend to buy Brawl when it comes out. December 3rd, baby!

This is Alpha, signing off to head back over to listen to that OoT melody again.

PS: *All pictures taken from The Hylia and/or Smash Bros. DOJO!!*

See? I told you I'd stick that link in there somewhere . . . and I'm sure half of you jumped right down to the very bottom after reading the part where I told you so. Shame on you people - go back up and read the rest of what I wrote - unless you want to hurt my feelings!

And if you're like HNS and don't really care about hurting my feelings, well then . . . um . . . hmmm . . . not really sure how to respond to that one . . .

by MagmarFire @ 25 Jul 2007 09:04 am
It's nice people are updating the updates again. smile

As for Brawl...can't wait until it comes out! It's definitely going to revolutionize the way we beat other people up! (I do wonder what Zelda's Final Smash attack is going to be...) tongue

Great update, Alpha!
by Jackal @ 25 Jul 2007 10:06 am
They had better put Shiek in their...maybe they'll make her her own character? Although undoubtedly they were better as a team then they would ever be alone...oh well...

Bridge of Eldin is the perfect stage, I love how that's going to be in there. smile

I'll definitely be checking out that site at least once a week now, thanks for the link, even if you did torture us to get it.

I read the whole thing. I swear. tongue
by ZeldaVeteran @ 25 Jul 2007 04:49 pm
Wow... your review puts mine to shame. lol! Great job Alpha! And nah, your feelings shall remain DOOMED! (evil smiley).
by Rinku @ 28 Jul 2007 12:45 pm
Ahh I love the song! smile
by Alpha @ 28 Jul 2007 02:10 pm
Yes, the song is awesome. Only problem: I'm officially addicted to it.

tongue wassat wink angry smile
by BaconWarrior @ 07 Aug 2007 05:37 pm
Hey the game looks awesome tongue but i dont want to wait for it to be released crying.

Anyway Link and Zelda from TWP look awesome! tongue
by Shadowknight @ 16 Sep 2007 06:58 pm
YES! This site is finally active again!

Wouldn't it be cool if Wolf Link/midina were in Brawl?
by BaconWarrior @ 17 Sep 2007 04:41 pm
Yaeh that would be awesome! tongue

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