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[News] Link's Attacks - Brawl Style
22 Aug 2007 by Alpha
Yes indeed, we've got some new info regarding our favorite Hero over at the Smash Bros. DOJO!! So anyway, how's Link looking this time around? See for yourself!

Lookin good, if you ask me. Actually, it seems that pretty much all of Link's moves will be the exact same as in previous installments of the Smash Bros. series, but with a TP-twist thrown in. Some such twists are trivial and only concern the appearance, such as the Bombs.

Others get small little upgrades. Try the Clawshot, for instance.

What's the little upgrade we're talking about here? Well, it's something that I, as an avid Link-user in Melee, am very glad to hear. As many people know, you can use the Hookshot in Melee to grab onto ledges and save yourself from falling a long way - a "tether recovery", as it has been recently dubbed by Sakurai.

Well, that skill once again returns in Brawl - only with one little bonus, that being that the Clawshot, when fired out for a tether recovery, will automatically aim itself for the nearest ledge. No more missing simply because you let it go a split second too late! smile smile smile

"Of course, it doesn't mean a thing if it can't reach its target..."

And finally we get to the things we all want to hear about: the upgrades that'll actually be useful and/or insanely powerful. Such as the ability to, say . . .



Or maybe you prefer seeing an item upgrade with some hidden tactics just waiting to be exploited? How about the Gale Boomerang?

This time around, the Gale Boomerang not only deals damage, but it'll also pull the characters it hits along in the direction it's traveling. Doesn't sound that important at first, but imagine what will happen if you pull them just enough to get them in range of the Master Sword . . .

Sounds Dangeresque [2: This Time it's not Dangeresque 1] to me. tongue

And that's all that Sakurai wrote this time around! Link's looking sweeter every day, though I'd certainly not complain if we starting seeing Sheik's form . . .

Until the next update, this is Alpha, signing off!

Smash Bros. DOJO!!

by Sora @ 23 Aug 2007 03:35 pm
Those are awesome, I so can't wait for the game to come out, its going to be a hit, almost better than TP, I said almost, XD
by BaconWarrior @ 23 Aug 2007 05:37 pm
Whoa laughing that is awesome I cant wait for the game to be released! wink

Nintendo why do you make me wait??????????????????????/ wink wink wink wink wink sad angry
by ZELDAFAN_n_n @ 24 Aug 2007 07:30 am
I've already read that, actually. But, it still looks cool!!! (And one, minor thing: What does ftw mean? Reversed it's, ummm...something...not nice...But what does it mean in this order?)
by jackal @ 24 Aug 2007 01:09 pm
It means for the win.
by LadyNintendo @ 26 Aug 2007 12:11 am
Is no one else disappointed that this seems to be TP only? Sjeeez, what's up with that? I mean, the items were one of the few things I liked about the game, but this is ridiculous. I demand a couple of non-TP items!
by ZELDAFAN_n_n @ 26 Aug 2007 01:33 pm
To Jackal: Thanks, I'm sure that'll explain a lot of otherwise mystified things...
by BaconWarrior @ 28 Aug 2007 03:50 pm
Im still waiting Nintendo......... wassat

and while I wait im going to sing, la la la la la la la la LAAAAAAAAA! cough wink cough wink oh oh .....................ah im alright.
by RalisII @ 01 Sep 2007 11:48 am
wink I was hoping they would change Link's attacks up a bit this time, you know maybe add some of the moves we saw him learn in TP, and maybe bring a few WW items into the mix as well, just amped up into TP graphics. Anyway, I don't really care that much seeing as I play our beloved King of Evil almost everytime. They better have included Gannon otherwise I might buy Phantom Hourglass instead. Not that he will be in that one either. *pouts*
by RalisII @ 01 Sep 2007 11:50 am

I just realised that PH is already out in Japan!!!!!!!!!!! That is so not fair on so many diffrent levels!!!!!!!
*goes to beat head against concrete*
by LadyNintendo @ 01 Sep 2007 11:06 pm
You are officially Gannon-banned. :)
by Nogare @ 07 Sep 2007 07:45 pm
tongueI know! It looks so cool. I go to the site often. They've actually got a story in it! Zelda's in it, too. And, well.... a Pokemon Trainer... wassat (Pokemon is lame...). And he's so weak he makes his Pokemon fight for him. How honorable.

Also, they've got Peach, Wario, and... well, why don't you just see for youself smile.

by jackal @ 08 Sep 2007 09:28 pm
Nogare, it's not weak, that's how he was trained. I like it, it adds a new dimension to the play. What I wonder is if the Pokemon can use Pokeballs?
by BaconWarrior @ 13 Sep 2007 05:42 pm
It is so weak, let link go after him, without his poke'mon, and he'll get chopped up in a second. I think that you are only worthy to be on super smash bros. if you can fight for yourself and not have others fighting for you, there isn no honor in not engasging your opponent directly in combat and then having others fight for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad
Whoa I said a mouth full, guess I got a little worked up. My bad. angry
by jackal @ 14 Sep 2007 09:59 pm
That's really not true. The Trainer had to work just as hard as the others to fight the way he does.
by BaconWarrior @ 15 Sep 2007 06:12 am
I see your point, but still couldnt he atleast fight for himself as well as using pokemon?
by jackal @ 15 Sep 2007 03:10 pm
That's not how he fights though. Just how Link attacks with his sword, the Trainer attacks with his Pokemon.
by BaconWarrior @ 15 Sep 2007 05:23 pm
I see so the pokemon are his weapon. tongue
by BaconWarrior @ 15 Sep 2007 05:26 pm
Right? angry
by jackal @ 15 Sep 2007 07:49 pm
Exactly. You give those Pokemon to any of the other characters and they would be screwed, likely how he would suck with a sword. They all have their own specialized style of fighting with their own weapons.
by BaconWarrior @ 16 Sep 2007 11:17 am
I get it. tongue
by BaconWarrior @ 16 Sep 2007 11:22 am
But really, couldnt they put Ganon or at least Vaati or Gannondorf in there this time? Or maybe some of the bosses from the game in there? Or maybe Midna or some of the Gorons?

I mean come on Nintendo can we get more Legend of Zelda characters????
by jackal @ 16 Sep 2007 01:27 pm
They haven't released, nor WILL they release, everyone. I can't see how a Goron could be completely fleshed out, but Vaati is a possibility...
by BaconWarrior @ 17 Sep 2007 04:18 pm
Think about it, a goron has brute strength and power, his attacks could work much like that of DK's.

But I admit that I can hardly see Ganon being put out, seeing as he is large and fairly slow, in some games such as Oot, and he would have a way unfair advantage over the rest of the characters,in terms of power, but it would be awesome! tongue

As far as Vaati goes, I can see him in Super Smash Bros. as a spell caster-like character.
by BaconWarrior @ 18 Sep 2007 01:25 pm
You know, they should a special kill T ingle feature! That would be so awesome!!!! tongue

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