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[HA2 Update] HA2 Interview with WinterSink/Julian/Rosen/Phantompig
01 Sep 2009 by jackal
clondon92 (6:22:28 PM): Hey you
clondon92 (6:22:29 PM): Yeah you
clondon92 (6:22:35 PM): You're next for an interview
wintersink (6:25:32 PM): Whhhaaa?!??!?!
wintersink (6:25:33 PM): For what
clondon92 (6:25:48 PM): For an article on the front page. The next HA2 article that I've put off for far too long.
wintersink (6:28:33 PM): lmao
wintersink (6:28:42 PM): When are you going to ask me questions
clondon92 (6:28:44 PM): Now.
clondon92 (6:28:55 PM): State your name and rank, soldier.
wintersink (6:29:05 PM): Is that an actual question!?
clondon92 (6:29:12 PM): No, it's an order. Now answer.
wintersink (6:29:17 PM): Julian aka Wintersink
clondon92 (6:29:24 PM): One hell of a middle name there.
clondon92 (6:29:30 PM): What are you in HA2?
wintersink (6:30:05 PM): Yes, yes I am actually
clondon92 (6:30:49 PM): Sorry for the delay, had to get the chicken out of the oven. Now my fingers are burnt.
clondon92 (6:31:14 PM): What is your race and class and such in HA2?
wintersink (6:31:36 PM): Well, I'm a goron grunt vassal, L3
wintersink (6:31:55 PM): and should I be elaborating on these questions or just answering
clondon92 (6:32:05 PM): Meh, those are just formalities. Here come the thinkers.
clondon92 (6:32:11 PM): Why did you join HA2?
wintersink (6:33:21 PM): Well it's been an on and off kind of thing but I think that when I was younger and zelda news was a lot more active and I hadn't already played every single videogame, I saw HA2 as a way to combine my hobby of writing with my love for zelda
clondon92 (6:34:02 PM): Why do you still do it?
wintersink (6:35:04 PM): Well, why did I return? To tell you the truth, I visited the site occasionally to see how things were going and as soon as I got word that gohma was almost dead, I decided I wanted to come back
wintersink (6:35:12 PM): To...You know...see what was on the other side
clondon92 (6:35:20 PM): You mean South Hyrule?
clondon92 (6:35:23 PM): What did you think?
clondon92 (6:35:57 PM): When you saw it, I mean.
clondon92 (6:36:10 PM): Apparently you liked it, you've been back for over two months now.
wintersink (6:37:16 PM): I do. I tend to blame my stay for the over arcing story of the crusades since I don't have the patience to expand my character's backstory or any story
wintersink (6:38:10 PM): It's just really exciting, and the little hints and posts from the royal guard about the crusade warlords are good enough to stay and post for
clondon92 (6:38:31 PM): What's a general synopsis of the Crusade in the South so far?
wintersink (6:40:31 PM): Oh god, don't ask me. I have a terrible memory but the way I see it, after killing gohma the warlords started throwing down some cautionary measures to stop our characters from continuing into their territory...cleaning up the tunnel has lead to a labyrinth of tunnels that might be hiding some important stuff from the warlords or whatever...I'm not sure...I just want to know what's in it...and in the swamps...CLEANED UP BY THE WAY...we've caught and been interrogating an underling of one of the warlords
wintersink (6:41:13 PM): Those are the big news events, elsewhere we've been just doing small battles here and there and exploring
wintersink (6:41:19 PM): recon ya know
wintersink (6:41:40 PM): As nerdy as it sounds when taking into consideration that it's all textually based
wintersink (6:41:51 PM): but man...the imaginations from the royal guard are intense
wintersink (6:41:54 PM): so it's all good
clondon92 (6:42:10 PM): Well, they've had four or so years to plan it, they better have done a good job.
clondon92 (6:42:23 PM): What would you like to see done on HA2?
wintersink (6:43:18 PM): I've told you this before! I was REALLY hoping that after clearing an area it'd be transformed into a 'lighter' version of itself...just think about zelda videogames and you'll get the idea.
wintersink (6:43:51 PM): I say this only because right now, I've been tiring from battling and kind of want to talk to some townspeople and NPCS
clondon92 (6:44:02 PM): Kind of like restoring life to the area? And while you may have told ME, don't forget this is going on the TDC main site.
wintersink (6:44:32 PM): Well all the same, the people need to know that I've thought about this countless times
wintersink (6:44:38 PM): of course, this is all really out of my hands
clondon92 (6:44:46 PM): Yes, so far it hasn't seemed too hopeful...the only person rescued so far was actually not from the South.
wintersink (6:44:49 PM): and in the hands of the people that have done the greatest job of preparing this
clondon92 (6:45:29 PM): Aside from the Crusade and the South, and focusing on just the mechanics and such of HA2, what are your opinions? What do you like, what do you want to see worked on?
clondon92 (6:45:49 PM): And don't say Rules Set V2.0 :p
wintersink (6:46:09 PM): Damn! That's exactly what I was thinking of!
clondon92 (6:46:25 PM): Hah, yeah...it's being worked on...slowly...anyhow, what would you like to see on it?
wintersink (6:47:47 PM): Well seeing as my character's a grunt vassal, most of my stats revolve around offense...and my offense revolved around my weaponry...so I'd like some upgrades in the weapons...or maybe some accessories for vassals only that'll give me a boost...on the cheap too since I don't have too much money
wintersink (6:48:34 PM): I'm a very stat oriented person, the skills and talents are secondary to me since my strength is already off the charts...but some more vassal skills would be great
wintersink (6:48:48 PM): Augh, sorry, I don't know what I want.
clondon92 (6:49:03 PM): It sounds so far like more variety.
wintersink (6:49:14 PM): For sure
wintersink (6:50:06 PM): I'll give you an HA exclusive though...I'm very stat oriented because I have some plans for my character in the future after Rosen has a certain core amount of values
wintersink (6:50:24 PM): I don't want to say too much since I know all of you have amazing imaginations
wintersink (6:50:28 PM): and will figure it out way too soon
wintersink (6:50:32 PM): if I even foreshadow it
clondon92 (6:50:34 PM): I swear to God he turns into a bunny.
wintersink (6:51:12 PM): Lol, I wish I could say more
wintersink (6:51:18 PM): but I'm terrible at hints
clondon92 (6:51:58 PM): What are some of your favorite memories/moments on HA2? Whether because of hilarity or sheer badassery?
wintersink (6:52:32 PM): Oooooh...man...ugh...I have a terrible memory...there have been some great one liners...actually! I'll tell you the one thing that I remember
wintersink (6:52:36 PM): and will probably never forget
wintersink (6:53:33 PM): SL13's character, Darilan...when facing two monsters...I can't remember what we were fighting...maybe iron knights or whatever...but he threw his voice...like a ventriloquist...and for some reason...that passed as an attack and did some amazing damage
clondon92 (6:53:43 PM): Oh, I remember that.
wintersink (6:53:51 PM): It was just...ridiculous
clondon92 (6:53:52 PM): That was in Caravan Guardians. A great use of Speak: Infernal.
wintersink (6:53:53 PM): to say the least
clondon92 (6:54:13 PM): Spoke "To your right!" in the monster's language and made one of them slice up its buddy.
clondon92 (6:54:34 PM): Yes, it may be ridiculous, but I think RG rewarded him for just how creative it was.
wintersink (6:54:48 PM): That'd be the only way
wintersink (6:54:48 PM): for sure
clondon92 (6:55:11 PM): So, to sum it all up, the last few questions:
clondon92 (6:55:15 PM): What's your favorite thing about HA2?
clondon92 (6:55:23 PM): What advice would you give a newcomer?
clondon92 (6:55:45 PM): What's your social security number?
wintersink (6:56:00 PM): Favorite thing has to be...the community...because of their great stories...AND...because they've done a great job at pushing the crusades forward
wintersink (6:56:42 PM): Newcomers...quality over quantity...I know that exp is important at first because you need TP to get your class and you need to post in all of the quests
wintersink (6:57:03 PM): but after you get all those things settled...they should slow it down..and sharpen their writing skills
wintersink (6:57:14 PM): because even if it sucks
wintersink (6:57:23 PM): I tend to read
wintersink (6:57:40 PM): and...no...no you can't have my SS
clondon92 (6:58:02 PM): Alright, thank you.

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