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[Blogging] The Legend of Blah Blah: The Dekus
04 May 2010 by hinoseijin

Dekus first appeared in Ocarina of Time, and have been a staple of the series ever since.  Their most common role is to act as shopkeepers, stocking a single item, such as Deku sticks, or shields.  Sometimes, to buy something from the Deku, you have to first deflect the nuts they shoot at you with your shield; an act that in The Minish Cap has been described as an accident by a Deku.  Majora's Mask reveals them to be lightweights; Deku Link can skip across the water (if only for a limited time) and Business Scrubs can use flowers as natural helicopters, flying from one business location to another once deeds have been passed along through the proper channels.

Perhaps the biggest mystery concerning the Dekus is how they reproduce.  It's really not that hard to imagine, really; Dekus appear to be made out of plant material, despite that they have several traits that would make them animals.  The cycle, or at least the beginning, is probably very much like that of any plant.  The stamen pollinates the pistil, and a seed is formed.  Perhaps the Deku then plants this seed, and after the winter thaw it grows up into a Deku Scrub.  But there is an intriguing question here that actually makes the Dekus interesting for me.

The first question is one of a biological nature:  Are Dekus perfect flowers (that is they have both male and female parts on the same plant)?  Or are they dioecious (that is, the male and female reproductive parts are on separate plants)?  In most games, it's rather hard to tell, but Majora's Mask provides some insight with the Deku King and the Deku Princess; they have distinguish genders (or at least their titles would suggest that), suggesting that Dekus are indeed dioecious.

As that was the only real question I had about Dekus, I guess it's time to end this article and let you know what I plan on writing about next month.  And that would be a more in-depth look at the cultures of each race.


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