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legend of zelda: four swords adventures

[The Links grapple for a Rupee] Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past/Four Swords is a very unique game. Not only is it a port of the beloved Link to the Past of SNES to the Game Boy Advance, but it also is the very first multiplayer Zelda game, in the form of Four Swords. In Four Swords, four players participate in what can be a cooperative effort one moment, and a battle royale the next, all in search of the highest Rupee count and the honor of being the top player until the players take on Vaati, the Wind Sorcerer.

The tested formula returns in Four Swords Adventures for the GameCube. In it Link must once again draw the Four Sword from its pedestal to battle not only a resurgent Vaati, but the enigmatic Shadow Link as well! In this game, you and three of your friends can do battle across eight chapters of Hyrule Adventure to put a stop to Shadow Link's plans, or you can do the same on your own with just a GameCube controller.

[There it is! Get it!] To help you in adventure, whether it be on the GBA port of Link to the Past, or on the GameCube, this game guide intends to bridge the two different versions. Unfortunately, at the moment, only the Four Swords Adventures portion of this guide will be updated.

Introduction (for FSA)

The game will start you off with a telepathic message from Princess Zelda who will call you to Hyrule Castle. When you gain control, youíll find Link standing in the Castleís courtyard. I didnít know the little scrapper could move that fast.

Youíll find out that the six maidens who guard Hyrule are waiting in the Castle, preparing for a meeting concerning the seal over Vaatiís imprisoning seal. Thus, the two of you head over to the Four Sword Sanctuary to check what the hubbub is, where a ceremony begins with the seal being checked. Suddenly, a portal appears and Shadow Link jumps out! He promptly snatches the seven maidens and retreats through the portal to the Sanctuary. Link follows him where you can draw the sword and complete his plan to unleash Vaati. Or, you could run into Shadow Link repeatedly to induce a concussion.

Unfortunately, only one of those two options work, so draw the sword and letís get this adventure going.

Story (for GBA version)

[The Four Sword rests in its pedestal] Long ago, in the kingdom of Hyrule, there appeared a Wind Sorcerer named Vaati. Vaati could bend the wind to his will and used this awful power to terrorize many villages of Hyrule. In his assaults on the villages, Vaati would kidnap any beautiful girls who caught his fancy.

Many knights from the castle and other brave men set out to subdue the sorcerer and rescue the girls, but each one fell in turn to Vaati's awesome power. Just as the people had begun to lose hope, a lone young boy traveling with little but a sword at his side appeared.

When this boy heard what was happening, he said only, "I will defeat this sorcerer." He boldly entered Vaati's palace, mystically trapped the evil sorcerer inside the blade of his sword, and returned the young girls to their villages. The boy then went deep into the forest and disappeared.

The villagers asked the girls how a boy so young could have saved them all and defeated the sorcerer when no one else could. The young girls told a story of how with just a wave of his sword, the boy's body shattered into four pieces, each of which formed a complete copy of the boy. These four young boys then worked together to defeat the sorcerer. The people did not believe the story, but they called it the Four Sword nonetheless. As rumors of the blade's power to divide a person into four entities spread, the people built a shrine to protect it.

Princess Zelda of the land of Hyrule was a beautiful young girl born with the mysterious power to sense approaching forces of evil. For this reason, she was assigned with the sacred duty of protecting the shrine of the Four Sword and the blade itself. One day, Zelda was in Hyrule Castle when she sensed that something unusual was ocurring at the Four Sword Shrine. She asked a boy named Link, whom she trusted above anyone else, to accompany her to investigate the happenings at the shrine...

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