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At the recommendation of a visitor, the Desert Colossus has begun accepting fan compositions, be they MIDI, MP3, or any other sound format. If you have a transcription, composition, remix or otherwise and would like to submit them to this section, please send it as an attached email to webmaster [at] desertcolossus [dot] com.

•Legend of Zelda Theme
by Evahn
[5:38]9.03 mb
•Serenade of Water
by Evahn
[3:34]5.72 mb
•Deku Tree Theme
by Evahn
[2:43]6.21 mb
•Dark World Theme
by Evahn
[4:14]6.80 mb
•Gerudo Theme
by Evahn
[5:44]6.57 mb
by Evahn
[2:17]5.23 mb
•Stone Tower
by Evahn
[4:14]6.79 mb
•Zelda's Awakening
by KPGirl
[0:52]1.03 mb
•Sheik's Theme
by KPGirl
[0:58]341 kb
•Ballad of the Windfish
by KPGirl
[0:54]1.06 mb
•Zelda 3: Castle Theme
by Hieran Del
[1:58]1.81 mb
•Rabbitt Joint - Legend of Zelda
by Killswitch
[0:59]9.19 kb

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