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[A Leever] The Desert Colossus isn't all game guides and fan works--no, we have many exclusive features of large and minor consequence from various points in the site's existence. Here you can peruse all those features, whether they be a collection of exclusive content or a timely article, where they are stored for posterity.

ZeldaBlog Articles Archive
Archived here are all the many articles that I've written for ZeldaBlog, for posterity's sake.

1st Zelda Round Table Transcript
Check out, in case you missed it, the questions and answers put forth at the first Zelda Round Table.

TDC's 7th Birthday Contest
In honor of the Desert Colossus' seventh birthday, the site is holding a contest edition of the Caption Game with the grand prize being a copy of Twilight Princess. Explained here are the rules and regulations for participating in the contest.

Phantompig's Oasis
Here are listed and archived the many articles written by Phantompig, the staff article writer, where he'll impart his trademark insight into various topics relevant to Zelda.

v6.0 Layout Survey Results
While working on the version 6.0 layout I put up a survey to get the responses and reactions to help along the creative process. Here are the results.

2005 Holiday Contest
Explained here are the rules and regulations for participating in the 2005 Holiday Contest, in which you can win one of three great prizes!

6th Birthday Special
On October 20, 2005, The Desert Colossus celebrated its sixth year. Contained in this featurette is a "birthday card" and an update of the "By the Numbers" section from last year's birthday special.

2004 Holiday Contest
Detailed here are the rules and regulations for participating in the 2004 Holiday Contest, in which you can win a preorder of the Minish Cap paid for by TDC!

5th Birthday Spectacular
On October 21, 2004, the Desert Colossus celebrated its fifth birthday with this detailed history of the stie as well as collection of fun and obscure facts about the site and those that contributed to its early days.

Sirius' MIDI Studio
Here you can find the Ocarina of Time MIDIs produced by Sirius, a very talented composer and great friend to this site.

Hyrule Adventures 2! Stop playing Zelda. Start living it!

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The Legend of Blah Blah: New Year Resolutions
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