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[Look into the Future of TDC] Here you can get a sneak peek at my future plans for The Desert Colossus. I figure, rather than writing a series of "what to do next" editorials, I'll keep a constantly updated page with that is, more or less, my to-do list for the site. Enjoy!

Last Updated September 2, 2006

In 72 Hours
These are the new features and changes first in line. Please note I've ordered them to show which ones I intend to do first, second, third, etc.

Future Compendium Articles
    - The Four Giants
    - Real-world Religious Symbology in the Zelda series
    - The "Old" Hylian alphabet of OoT
    - Examining the ruins of Greatfish Isle
Blog Upgrading
    - Add category images to blog entries
Preview Game Guides mega-upgrades
    - Twilight Princess (add more to characters, add locations page, add tribes page, add items page, add more game info to first page and format it like other guides)
    - Phantom Hourglass (add characters, add islands page, add items page, add multiplayer page, add more game info to first page and format it like other guides)
    - Rupee Land (add characters page, add more game info to first page and format it like other guides)
Other pages
    - Welcome page

Seven Years From Now
A hop, skip, and a jump away, but still going to be some time.

Overhaul the Game Guides — I took an unscientific poll amongst the forum members and everyone consistently revealed that the game guides are not meeting expectations. Therefore, the whole thing is going through a gigantic overhaul. Here are the details:
  • Top images. Sure this is pure eye candy business, but each top image will be changed for each game guide so it matches the game. That is, the Zelda 1 guide will have an image from Zelda 1 at the top, and so on.
  • LoZ. New sections: Hidden Moblin Locations, Lost Woods, Lost Hills, the 3 Swords, Door Repair Spots, The Power Bracelet and Warp Stairs, Fairy Fountains, Shop Locations, Casino Locations.
  • AoL. New sections: P-Bag locations, Fairy Locations, Town Guide.
  • aLttP. New sections: Fortunes, The Riddle Quest (of GBA version), Secrets, Talking Trees, Zora Water Warps, Warp Tile Locations, Shop Locations.
  • LA. New sections: separate Trading Sequence and Golden Leaves pages, Mad Batter Well Locations, Photos.
  • OoT. New sections: Fairy Fountain Locations, separate pages for Bottles, Biggoron's Sword, and Masks, Big Poe locations, and Magic Bean soft soil locations.
  • MM. New sections: separate page for Kafei and Anju, secrets, Skulltula Houses. Update guide so it doesn't stink of preview content.
  • OoS. New sections: Rings descriptions.
  • OoA. New sections: secrets, rings.
  • TWW. New sections: collectable items, separate page for the trading sequence, figurines guide, charts/other charts,
  • FS/FSA. Finish Tingle's Tower page.

After the Flood
These are off on the distance, and should not be expected anytime soon.

Cartoon Guide — I started this a while back but never finished. Considering the cartoon is now on DVD, now is as good a time as any!
Hyrule RPG — Overhaul and clean up the first five episodes and finish the last three.

Hyrule Adventures 2! Stop playing Zelda. Start living it!

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