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Novels/Short Stories

A Blast to the Pastby Princess of Kito Village
Anything for a Friendby Understatement
Beginning of Linkby Sword of Time
Bellum Hyrulianaeby Jack O'Reily
Best for Lastby Arrow
Bestiaby x*Twilight Princess*x
Beyond Greyby Jacen Shaw
Catch Me If I Fallby Mel Roordink
Caucasian Elves Don't Speakby Topaz989
Condemned Soulby Hyperlink
Eternityby Kasuto of Kataan
Frozen Tearsby Ice Sage
Heroes of Takkanby Sensei
I Never Megan
Journey to the Pastby Becky Tailweaver
Kiune's Callingby Guardian Kiune
Link, New Hyrule's Saviorby Randy Austin
The Lost Legend of the Triforceby The Dark Marauder
LoZ: Hyrule in the Deepby Reveka Sheikah
LoZ: Search for the Knightsby Shadowknight
LoZ: Search for Sariaby Jesse
LoZ: Untold Legend of the Heroby Jario
Moon Child: A Gerudo Legendby Cade
Ocarina of Time, a Novelizationby Alex Knepper
Once I Feel Loveby Dama Negra
Return of the Pols Voiceby Mosli
Search for the Iron Fistby Tiranus
Shield of Dreamsby Grievousguy64
Shadowby Okichan
Sweet Gerudo Pieby Violent Angel Girl
Tales of the Seventh Sageby Flutist Girl
The Adventure of the Master Swordby JDog
The Arrows of Revengeby Xyana the Arrow
The Dragmire Chroniclesby Cade
The Fallen Sageby The Mariner
The King of the Gods and the Creators of Hyruleby Zonus
The Master Sword Chroniclesby MagmarFire
The Miracle of Lifeby Topaz989
The New Holderby Sarah B.
The Questby Megan
The Tempestby Megan
The Trip to Hyruleby LilBlondi0309
The Unsung Heroby Nick
Three Heroesby Spiritual Stone
Trusting a Traitorby Lysia
Understanding the Shadow: The Shiekah Wayby Megan
Unending Stringsby The Weaver
The War of Majoraby MagmarFire

Story Trilogies

Zelda: Battle for Power
Book 1: The Dark Empowerment
Book 2: The Third Triforce
Book 3: The Amulet of Nagul
by Juliet A. Singleton
      & Kirsty Singleton


Poetry of Darkphantomime
Poetry of Hi no Seijin
Poetry of Reveka Sheikah
Poetry of Zephyr

Academic Papers

The Appeal of Zeldaby Hi no Seijin

TDC's Sandcast - The Podcast of the Desert

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