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Why so few questions?

I need more! If you have a question that should belong here, please email it to me.

What's with the past shut downs?

Mostly poor judgement among other things (like school and work). An unfortunate feature of being hosted for free by another site, such as my previous arrangement with ZeldaUniverse.com, is that if you go inactive for a month, you're officially freeloading off a good host. My problem was that I would have nothing to update with for a stretch of time and as such go inactive. Rather than wasting valuable space off of another host, I am now hosted by someone who will not care if I'm inactive for a stretch of time. This gives me far more breathing room for those dry periods. As such, there will be no shut downs here on out. I guarantee that.

What are TDC's site specs?

This website was created with the use of an HTML editing program is completely coded by scratch (just look at the page source, it's quite obvious). It is optimized for a computer using the latest version of either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (which I use, myself) for a resolution of at least 800x600 and a color scale of at least 16-bit.

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