Multimedia and Downloads

In this section I have gathered various files that either relate directly to the Zelda series, or are works based on them. Here, you can find everything from Zelda MIDIs composed by Sirius, comic books produced during the early days of the Zelda games, cool Wallpapers to adorn your desktop, and more. Enjoy!

    Sirius' MIDI Studio
    Here you can find the Ocarina of Time MIDIs produced by Sirius, a very talented composer and great friend to this site.

    Tons of great Zelda music in the MP3 format.

    Hyrule Symphony
    The beautiful reorchestration of Ocarina of Time's epic score is finally available for download at TDC. It cannot be described in words how amazing this music is!

    Moblin's Magic Spear
    View (or download?) the little-known picture book based on Legend of Zelda.

    Valiant Comics
    Download the great comic books series that appeared after Adventure of Link.

    Windows Media Player Skins
    Download and use some wonderful fan-submitted WMP skins.

    Decorate your desktop with these great wallpapers.

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