The Village Square

[Tetra's Pirates] The Village Square, our community section, is one of the most important parts of the website, because this is where the interactive features that make the site enjoyable can be found. These features include the always-popular Caption Game, along with text adventures like the Hyrule RPG. Later on you'll be able to find features like a Message Board or the reader-built Hyrulian Encyclopedium. Enjoy!

The Forums
Join an ever-expanding group of fans and discuss all the aspects of the Zelda series and other, more general topics.

Fan Works Library
The Desert Colossus is committed to providing a place for the best authors in the Zelda community to submit and display their stories and art works from the Zelda series. Submit your work, or view someone else's today!

Here's your chance to ask the webmaster one of those nagging questions that only he can answer.

Caption Game
TDC's signature interactive feature. You can submit your own humorous captions to different screenshots from Zelda games and have those captions posted instantly on the main page.

Ask Ezlo
This feature launched in May of 2005 and immediately took off as an instant hit. Ask Ezlo pits your questions against the bottomless well that is Ezlo's wisdom, with all the wackiness and sarcasm that can logically follow. Be sure to ask Ezlo a question today!

    The Ask Ezlo F.A.Q.
    The official companion to Ask Ezlo, where all the most frequently asked questions to come before the Minish Keeper of Lore are pre-answered.

    Ask Ezlo: the Comic
    You love Ezlo's questions column in print, now how about in cartoon form? The Tiny One chooses his favorite question every week and goes four-panel on it.

Hyrule Adventures 2
Join the most innovative rpg text game in the Zelda community as you delve headfirst into Hyrule and immerse yourself in the events of a country trying to rebuild itself from a devastating recent war, and help a group of heros in preparing to prevent another for occuring.

Hyrule RPG
The premier text adventure at the Desert Colossus. Hyrule RPG mixes screenshots from Link to the Past with the classic text adventure system, along with a simple combat interface, to create an enjoyable game.

Lost Woods Text Adventure
The very first Text Adventure I made for TDC, the Lost Woods is a simple game where Link needs to make his way to the exit of the woods, but only after surpassing dangerous monsters and witches.

Death Mountain Text Adventure
The second Text Adventure made for TDC. In this game you take Link from one end of a dangerous Death Mountain cavern to the other, while encountering many surprises along the way.

Legend of Zelda: eQuest
An exciting new email-based Zelda RPG game. Contained herein are the rules and details of the game and how it's played.

Listed here are links to best sites in the Zelda community. Check out these great websites today!

Hyrulian Encyclopedium
Aiming to become to largest Encyclopedia of Zelda knowledge on the Web, the Hyrulian Encyclopedium will be different from other knowledge bases in that its driven by the community here at TDC.

Hyrule Adventures 2! Stop playing Zelda. Start living it!

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