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zelda iv: link's awakening

Moldorm (Tail Cave): To beat Moldorm, slice the end of his tail 4 times (2 times POP, or Piece of Power). If you fall down the pit, you'll have to start over. You can jump over him to avoid him. Difficulty: *** (out of 10)

Genie (Bottle Grotto): To beat the Genie, walk back and forth along the bottom of the screen while he throws fireballs at you. He will throw 8, then retreat into his bottle. Slice the bottle, then throw it. Repeat this process 3 times. Slice him 7 times (4 POP) while avoiding the fireballs to beat him. Difficulty: ****

Slime Eyes (Key Cavern): To "find" Slime Eyes, dash into the wall. To beat Slime Eyes, slice him about 4 times, then dash into him with your sword out to split him apart. You must hit each eye 4 times (2 POP) and jump when one's about to land. Difficulty: ****

Angler (Angler's Tunnel): To beat the Angler, slice him about 16 times (8 POP). Watch out for small fish and rocks. Difficulty: ***

Slime Eel (Catfish's Maw): To beat Slime Eel, Hookshot him when he comes out of the upper-right hole. Then slice the flashing middle section. Avoid the tail as much as possible, and don't Hookshot him out of any other hole - they're fake. Difficulty: *******

Facade (Face Cave): To beat Faceade, first destroy the posessed tiles and pots, then stand on him and drop bombs when he's visible. Holes appear, not under Faceade, and Faceade alone can't hurt you! Difficulty: **

Evil Eagle (Eagle's Tower): A hint: get the Mirror Shield, go to Turtle Rock and get the Magic Rod before you face him, then whup him. With the Hookshot or Boomerang, it takes 8 hits, but with the Rod it takes 3. Hit him in the beak. If you just want to beat him as soon as possible, watch out for his divebomb and blow attacks. When he does the blow attack, hold out your shield and walk towards him. If you fall off, you have to start over. Difficulty: HS: ******** MR: ***

Hot Head (Turtle Rock): To beat Hot Head, hit him with the Magic Rod about 16 times. That's it. Difficulty: *****

Biggel Shadow (Egg 1): Sprinkle Magic Powder on him 3 times. Difficulty: ***

Aghanim Shadow (Egg 2): Reflect 4 Fireballs back at him. Must have second sword to do this. Watch out for his spinny ball, which splits into 4. Difficulty: ******

Moldorm Shadow (Egg 3): Slice the end of his tail 8 times. No pits this time (YAY!). Difficulty: ****

Ganon Shadow (Egg 4): Dash into him with your sword 6 times. Watch out for his fire bats and his pitchfork that he throws. Difficulty: ******

Lanny Shadow (Egg 5): Hit him with the Magic Rod once. How vigerous. If you miss, he follows you around, so just find a good place to kill him. Difficulty: ****

Dethl (Final): The last boss! Jump over his arms, then hit him when his eye's open. 20 hits with the bow will do it, but 1 hit with the boomerang will too! Difficulty: Bow: ********* Boomerang: *****

Celeno (DX ONLY): Slice him 8 times with the sword, and you bounce back. Otherwise, just get the Bow and hit him 8 times. Difficulty: SWD: ******* Bow: ****

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