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zelda viii: oracle of seasons
trading sequence

  1. Go to Mr. Left's house in Horon Village and light his torch using the Ember Seeds. He'll give you the Cuccodex as a reward.
  2. Swap the Cuccodex with Malon (who lives north fo Horon Village) for the Lon Lon Egg.
  3. Kill thirty enemies to make Maple appear. When she bumps into you you'll drop the Lon Lon Egg. She'll take it and give you the Ghastly Doll in return.
  4. Mrs. Ruul at Holodrum Plain will trade you the Iron Bowl in return for the Ghastly Doll.
  5. Talk to the Subrosian Chef in Subrosia and he'll fill the Iron Bowl with some fresh Lava Soup.
  6. Swap the Lava Soup with Biggoron on top of Goron Mountain in exchange for the Goron Vase.
  7. Talk to Ingo at Sunken City and he'll exchange the Goron Vase for a Fish.
  8. Talk to the old man who's trying to get his cat down from the tree. He'll take the Fish to lure the feline down, and give you his Megaphone in return.
  9. Talon at this point will be sleeping in a cave one screen left of the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. Wake him up with the Megaphone and he'll give you the Mushroom.
  10. Go to Syrup the Witch's hosue and trade her the Mushroom for a Wooden Bird.
  11. Swap the Wooden Bird with Tick Tock (who lives in Horon Village) in return for the Engine Grease.
  12. Talk to Guru-Guru inside the Windmill and he'll give you his Phonograph in exchange for the Engine Grease.
  13. Head to the Lost Woods where you'll come upon a lone bush in the middle of the screen. Burn it away to reveal some stairs and head inside. Below is a Deku Scrub who will give you the instructions to find the Noble Sword in exchange for a tune from the Phonograph. Follow the Deku Scrub's instructions in the Lost Woods to find the location of the Noble Sword!

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