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Legend of Zelda

Many different monsters roam the land of Hyrule under Ganon's control. Listed below are just a few of those beasts and a small description of them.

This is an Armos Knight, a stone statue that comes alive when Link touches it. There are two varieties- fast and slow. Steer clear, but some hide staircases underneath.

This is a Darknut, a large iron clad knight that is impossible to attack from the front. Use extreme caution when battling. The only way to hurt them is to attack their back or side.

This is a Gel, a small little blob that attacks by jumping into you. Just use your Boomerang to put it out of commission.

This is a Keese, a bat creature that attacks by swooping into you. Again, the Boomerang is the best weapon for attacking it.

This is a Leever, a creature that attacks by running into you then diving under the sand. The Blue Leevers can go in different directions while the Red ones can only go straight.

This is a Moblin, a dog/man creature that throws arrows at Link. The Orange ones are weak while the Grey ones can take more damage. Always have your shield to them when fighting.

This is a Octorok, an octopus like creature that spits rocks at you. It has no strengths or weaknesses really, just attack it.

This is a Stalfos, a skeleton warrior that has two sword. It doesn't do any fancy moves so all you need to do is attack it.

This is a Tektite, a very fast spider creature that attacks by jumping at you. You need to dodge them, then take them out. A good idea is to stun them with the Boomerang and attack.

This is a Zola, a half woman/ half fish creature that spits fireballs at you. You can use the Magical Shield to block the fireballs but you really can't attack it because it dives under water before you can kill it.

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